Free 5-Day "Fitness Business Growth" Challenge

Starts 5th February '24

Developing Strong Leadership Practices in


The Fitness Business leadership group programme is designed to enhance Fitness Business Ownership Skills and Business practices to enable "YOU" to maximise the performance of YOUR operation

12-Week Mentoring Programme

Starts February 12th, 2024


We will work with you to DELIVER increased revenue and profit performance for your business.


We will help you to DISCOVER new ways to drive sales into your business and learn how to pivot your service offering to maximise your clubs potential.


We will work with you to IMPROVE your service delivery, standards and client journey/experience with the goal of increased retention.


We will help you to CREATE robust operational plans and strategies to ensure your members feel fully supported ensuring they stay longer & spend more.


We will work with you to create a marketing plan that maximises your exposure and drives leads for your fitness business

Your performance is everything!

As a business owner, when you are at the top of your game so will your clubs performance. By supporting you in your personal development, we will ensure you have the skills, the tools and the resilience to enable you, your team and your business to thrive.

As part of our commitment to help Fitness Business Owners create their own success. Black Raccoon are launching a 12 week "Fitness Business Leadership Programme"A 12 week Programme designed to give you the skills and the tools to grow your gym or fitness business.

12 Weekly Training Sessions

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- Understanding your business financials

- Marketing your club

- Creating Client Journeys

- Membership sales process

- Creating your perfect offer

- Organic Social Media

- Social Media Ads and Funnels

- Club Operations

- Client Retention

- Personal Training Options & Small Group Personal Training

- Secondary Spend Opportunities

- Managing Group X


£999 upfront or £349/month

Standard Price £1999 or £549/Month

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Starting Monday 12th February '24

Added Value - The programme also Includes

1-1 Coaching Calls With Black Raccoon Consulting

Worth £597

Free Access to Fitleads for 3 Months

Worth £477

Digital Workbooks and Guides including customisable e-books and social posts

Private Facebook Group Access for Life

Access to our Supply Chain Dicounts

Weekly Live Ask Me Anything Sessions

Starting Monday 12th February '24

Free 5-Day "Fitness Business Growth" Challenge

Starts 5th February '24

Bonus Free Downloads

As a reward to taking the time to check out our Fitness Business Leadership Page here are 3 Free Downloads to help your fitness Business Grow. Simply Click the link, register and we will send you a FREE Copy

Driving Growth, Amplifying Impact

Why Joining our course will expand your knowledge, expertise and skills to grow your fitness business

A quick word from Ryan Charlesworth, Founder of Black Raccoon Consulting and the Fitness Business Leadership Group Programme

Driving Growth, Amplifying Impact

Steve Julian

His knowledge and desire to continually improve results is unmatched. If you are looking for someone to help guide your business strategy, help develop new ideas and revenue streams, reduce costs and improve profit margins... Ryan is your man!

Debbie Hancock

Ryan is full of knowledge and experience and willing to share that information with anyone. I have found him to be incredibly helpful and so easy to speak to, he is always willing to help and cares about the fitness industry. His passion is obvious as soon as you speak to him.

Daryl Parry

The ideas the structure the professionalism of Ryan and all his knowledge astounds me we have been in the industry the same amount of time but he seriously understands the stuff I have never even thought about. He is a true advocate if your thinking about help don’t think just contact

This is your opportunity to start 2024 the right way

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Developing business skills that allow you to strengthen your business, coach your team and drive performance!

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We have create a 12 week course to enable you to action the lessons you learn each week and make effective and sustainable changes to your business that will enable you to grow

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The course is suitable to new and experienced Gym or fitness business owners

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Support is delivered in a group setting as well as monthly 1-1 coaching to ensure the lessons you learn are support by personal ghuidence and support


Free 5-Day "Fitness Business Growth" Challenge

Starts 5th February '24

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